4 Things To Consider Before Buying a Skateboard

Just like a racket or a pair of clubs, there's a lot of thought that goes into picking the perfect gear for skateboarding. Caakes in Salem, OR, is here to talk about the four most important things to consider before buying a skateboard. Each distinct attribute contributes towards the overall skateboarding experience, good or bad. Your next board will be the best one at the park with the knowledge you'll gain from this blog. Check out Caakes for the latest skateboarding accessories on the market today!

Woman holding a skateboard showing the size of the deck

The Deck Size

The deck of the board plays a significant role in functionality and aesthetics. Finding the right balancing platform for you will pave the way for new skills and developing muscle memory while remaining comfortable during your skateboarding journey. The deck size of your skateboard will also serve as a canvas for any custom art or logos you'd like to have now or down the line.

Close up of the wheels on a skateboard


It's not just the custom art that makes each pair of wheels different. The material and measurements of each wheel play a role in the feel of your skateboard. The most significant difference to know about wheel types is that you'll want hard wheels if you're going to the skatepark and soft wheels if you see yourself cruising or longboarding a lot.

Man doing a trick on a skateboard showing the flexibility of the trucks on his board


Trucks are the unsung hero for making boards perform to the best of their ability. These underboard parts are essential in keeping the board together while maintaining smooth control for the rider every time they skate. The most important thing to note about trucks is that they will need to match the deck of your skateboard and not exceed the width of your deck overall. The center of gravity on the trucks will contribute to the board's feel while making tricks easier or harder, depending on their synergy with the right deck.

Man stepping on the edge of a skateboard popping it up

Recommended Brands

There are a plethora of great skateboard brands to choose from; a few high-quality names include:

And many more that you can find at our store for all forms of skateboarding parts and accessories.

With this information, we encourage you to find and create your perfect board while honing your skills to become a better skateboarder. Want to get started with a quality board from the get-go? Check out our complete skateboard sets today!

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