10 Songs To Listen To This Week

Welcome to the second installment of the Caakes Songs of the Week, where we bring to you 10 songs we have been listening to that will keep you inspired and motivated to keep on Creating Authentic Art and Keeping Everything Simple. We’ve picked out another great set today, and it’s very exciting to share with you. Let’s get into it!

10. Yellow by Myles Cameron

Our first song this week comes from the young Myles Cameron from New York. His talent is just exquisite and the vocals have a near Ocean-esque quality. Overall just a vibe and a good listen.


 9. Soccer (Summer 1988) by The Good Ones

Survivors of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, these musicians cleanse the soul with this light and beautiful tune. Truly a great track and a wonderful group to dive into. With a very minimalistic tune, the trio creates a whole atmosphere that you can also see on their NPR Tiny Desk Concert.

8. Stupid Horse by 100gecs on 1000gecs

This duo of Laura Les and Dylan Brady might not be for everyone, but with a wildly energetic sound and a diverse mismash of genres, I couldn’t resist. Stupid Horse focuses on a narrative surrounding betting at the races, drugs, capitalism, and Scooby Doo. Case and point, at least give it a try.


 7. Streetcar by Daniel Caesar on Pilgrim’s Paradise

In stark contrast to the previous song, Caesar provides us with a much needed moment of rest. Calming and introspective, this is a breath many of us need in our current time and I for one welcome it with open arms. Mr. Caesar’s voice sounds warm and the instrumentals are gentle and enveloping. Very well paced, this is a perfect track for now, and when it came out in 2015.


6. Some Skunk Funk by The Brecker Brothers on The Brecker Bros

A demonstration of groove, syncopation, and technical prowess, this funk track of the 70s brings us back to the good old days (this is a joke, the writer is 17). Michael (sax) and Randy (trumpet) Brecker are hallmarks of the modern jazz age, championing a generation of 70s and 80s jazz into a new era. Currently this is one of my favorite tracks to both play and listen to.


5. It Runs Through Me by Tom Misch on Geography

 Your weekly London jazz track. This one is by guitarist and singer Tom Misch, featuring a verse from De La Sol. Overall very smooth and great sound choice from the guitar to piano and percussion. It’ll always be a vibe, this ones an instant classic!


4. Love In My Pocket (Weird Genius Remix) by Rich Brian

 Released this Friday, this remix of the great song from Rich Brian’s latest album gets a freshening up with fun additions and a dance aesthetic. Rich Brian hails from Indonesia, and takes part in the Asian American record label behemoth 88rising, which features Joji, the Higher Brothers, and other artists from all around America and Asia. 


3. Woodlawn Park by Aminé on Limbo

 A standout single from his latest project, Aminé’s Woodlawn Park has great flow and feel, as all tracks from him do. An Oregon native, he is a must know artist in the Northwest hip hop scene. With 3 full releases, his discography is extremely impressive and never misses. 


2. Stick! By Zack Fox and FABO

Renaissance man Zack Fox DELIVERS with this single Stick! Perfectly framed with the production, the comedian’s style is both punctual and precise. The track has a drumline vibe, throwback to high school football games. “I ain't in the trap, I'm on the internet. And I'm ridin' with a stick, shit look like a baguette”.


1. Dark Red by Steve Lacy

Young artist Steve Lacy exploded with this hit single from 2017. As one of the most prodigious gen z folk around, he weaves guitar with intoxicating bass and vocals to create a swirling pool of dark red sound. 


Stay safe this week and VOTE! Our democracy depends on all of us to uphold this country.

Find the Spotify playlist here

Tune in next week for 10 more songs to keep you inspired

 Let us know your favorite song in the comments below!



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